Friday, December 08, 2006

Shopping list: thyroid, bread, ovaries...

2 phone calls today:

They need my family doctor to treat the thyroid issue before they begin any sort of treatment for me. The nurse will check with the RE to see if we need an appointment to review our other results.

The second set of thyroid tests came back completely normal.

Too bad we didn't get these calls in reverse order, huh?

GP will fax the new thyroid tests to RE. I will see GP on Tuesday anyhow, to follow up on depression stuff. RE's nurse will call us on Monday to set up an appointment.

Glacial pace is accelerating slightly. I guess it's good news, right in time for the weekend.


In other news, I'm feeling a bit more normal - I made challah today. Haven't done that since depression set in. The problem now is that I have way too much dough... I won't eat this much bread... so does anyone in Toronto want to set up a challah dough share? Shlomit? Wanna pick up an unbaked challah on your way home from work?


My ovary hurts, but EWCM is nowhere to be seen (and I don't usually have a problem in that department). It's also CD17 or something... not sure what gives. I just want this cycle to end swiftly and mercifully so that we can start doing whatever the RE wants us to do.


ms. c said...

Glad to hear that the pace is accelerating! Your Tuesday appointment will be here in no time.
If you want to freeze your challah (before baking) you can UPS it over here to me, I would LOVE fresh homemade challah on shabbat! ;)
Hope the RE appointment isn't too far behind and you can get your body doing what it needs to ASAP!

My Reality said...

I might be interested in a challah bread exchange. I am not Jewish, but I know that challah makes amazing French toast and my husband's favourite bread pudding. I would love to learn to make it, so maybe you can teach me. I love to cook and bake and love to learn new things. I am glad to know you are in Toronto too!

Anonymous said...

glad things are moving a little more in the right direction!!! and why oh why did i not read this sooner?!! i bought two little challah rolls at the What a Bage at Yonge and Wellesley...i'm sure nothing compared to your homemade!!!

okay, between the offer of challah, killer chocolate chip cookies and dvds...girl we need to set a date!!!

can't wait to hear how it goes with the RE!

decemberbaby said...

Oh no, what a bagel? I mean, their stuff is good but you were so nearby... you really should have come over and picked it up!

Glad everyone wants a piece of my challah. We'll have to make some arrangements, because you'd be surprised how often this problem arises. I love to bake, but even I have limits on challah eating... let's figure this out, girls!