Tuesday, January 02, 2007

T minus 15 hours...

In fifteen hours, we'll be speaking with the RE. Best case scenario is that he'll tell me the tests were indicative of PCOS, and he'll put me on metformin right now and Femara at the beginning of my next cycle. Worst case scenario is that he'll tell me that my blood tests all looked fine and we need to keep investigating to find out why I don't ovulate. Also I'm worried that he'll refuse to start any treatment until this stubborn chest cold is gone. And it's most definitely not gone yet.

On the other hand, this may be a moot concern because Fertility Frenemy thinks I ovulated. A couple of the temps are totally bogus, but I did feel some twinges so it could have happened, I suppose. I've been joking with Mr. December that any kid who can successfully implant with all this violent coughing will probably be able to hang on for nine months or so. If I do get pregnant it'll be nothing short of a miracle, what with this illness and the fact that we last had sex two days before ovulation. I'll also owe Shlomit a debt of gratitude for giving me her fertilitea.

Here's my chart, for the truly obsessive among you:

That's it. I guess you'll be hearing from me on the other side of that fateful appointment.

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