Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1 dpo and a new worry

Mr. December decided that I should follow the doctor's instructions and start progesterone last night. So I did. Now I'm looking at my chart and thinking, wow... that's a teeny-tiny temp rise. Shouldn't it be better when I'm on progesterone? Please take a look and tell me what you think. I'm going insane here.

I couldn't sleep this morning. At 4:00 a.m. I woke up starving. I tried to lie still for four and a half hours so I could temp at my usual time... I survived. Then I ate almonds, tomatoes with feta cheese, and scrambled eggs. That was forty minutes ago, and I'm starving again. But it's too early for this to be EPS, right? Did anybody get this when they were on progesterone?

Shlomit is having IUI today. She hasn't blogged about it, but y'all could comment on her blog and give her some encouragement if you want. I can't wait... we'll be in the 2ww together!

It's feeling a little harder to be optimistic today, but I'm going to do my best.

First, though, I'm going to eat. Again.


Anonymous said...

hey girl!
thanks for the shout out!
i ALWAYS have a VORACIOUS appetite on progesterone! but let's call it an eps because let's face it, it all goes through the eps filter on the 2ww...as for me, i've had insomnia and, when i do sleep, very vivid dreams in the days leading up to ovulation...i'm calling those eps too!
13 more days...here we go!

Anonymous said...

Memes are ALWAYS a good thing during the 2ww - even if it only gets your mind off of it for an hour!

Good luck!!

Zee said...

That's a teeny rise, but it may fly up tomorrow. Sometimes the temps need to bounce on the springboard a few times before committing to the leap.

And the progesterone starvation? Oh yeah. Vivid dreams? Oh yeah. I'm with you there!

Wishing you loads of luck this cycle!

My Reality said...

I read your comment on Shlomit's blog about the mini eggs. I got so excited last week when I saw the starting of the Easter candy mixed in with the Valentine's candy at Shoppers. Mini eggs rock. And I think they should be a part of the fertility treatment protocol, you know, trigger then eat mini eggs!

Your temp jump could be affected by the drugs, my RE always told me that temping isn't always as accurate when you are on meds. A jump is a jump though and you had a trigger shot, so it looks like ovulation to me.

Anonymous said...

I think the slow rises are the ones more likely to lead to pregnancy...that's my opinion on the subject!! Yeah Shlomit, December and I are all in the 2WW together...hurrah!!!

Anonymous said...

just read klubby's comment...that is so cool!
the bs refugees are in synch...i'm taking that as a sign!