Saturday, January 13, 2007

It begins...

First off, I'd like to thank you all for your comments. They make me feel like a real blogger! Stick with me - I'll try not to disappoint.

On Thursday I had my first taste of cycle monitoring. Blood work, and then a date with the dildo-cam. I was weirded out by the whole ultrasound-during-my-period thing, but they evidently do it all the time.

So, on day 2 of my cycle:

- the lining of my uterus was 4mm (down from 7.5 last week)
- my left ovary has one follicle measuring 0.6mm
- my right ovary has one follicle measuring 0.7, plus about 6 tiny follicles apparently not worth measuring
- they called and said my bloodwork was "perfectly fine", but I didn't get numbers

I guess this is all good, right? Any thoughts? I have nothing to compare with.


I started taking Femara yesterday. Such a tiny pill. Such large expectations. It's a wonder Femara doesn't crack under the pressure. I sure would.


My goal for this weekend is to kick this virus's ass. I'm done with being sick. I'm tired of my wheeze. It's over. I'm bringing out the heavy artillery - ColdFX, puffers, nyquil, the works. I am staying on the couch until this damn thing goes away. Or until my next cycle monitoring appointment... whichever comes first.


My Reality said...

I hope Femara will do the trick.

I also hope you are feeling better soon. I took coldfx 2 years ago and was really allergic to it. I broke out in hives the size of golf balls and it was awful! Does it actually work? I never got to find out.

decemberbaby said...

hmmm... it works for me and for my mom. So according to my limited sample size, it has a 100% success rate :)