Friday, January 19, 2007

And they're off...

Left ovary is in the lead, with a 17mm follicle... followed closely by a 14mm on the left, and a couple of comparable size on the right... and, in the middle we have uterus, with a lining of 7mm... what an incredible race!

Sorry, I was sleepy and wasn't paying attention to all the measurements this morning.

The doctor noticed something odd: my left ovary is sitting right on top of my cervix. He asked if it was always like that. Now, I have no idea... but isn't that the sort of thing they would have commented on before if they had seen it? He was appalled that we had never done a sonohystogram (and I was appalled that he mentioned that instead of an HSG) and said that if I'm not pregnant this cycle, we should really do one.

Oh, and if I haven't surged yet, I'll be triggered tomorrow.

Yippee Skippee. Hope my lining is thick enough for a good implant.

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Anonymous said...

OH, I love a good race! GO GO GO!!!