Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The cliffs of insanity!

Oh, wait. Those aren't cliffs... they're just my breasts. Heh.

It's that time of the cycle, people. 10 dpo. It doesn't matter that I'm certain I'm not pregnant. I start looking for symptoms anyway. And my breasts are seriously fucking with me. They hurt, but not when I poke them. They're sore only when I'm not paying them any attention. And for some reason, they feel like they're getting in my way. Maybe I'm just noticing them more... but maybe they're actually bigger. Impossible to tell.

Welcome to insanity. Population: me.

I feel really tired - but with this cold/cough kicking my ass, why wouldn't I be? And I'm hungry, but not ravenously so. Frankly, I think it would be a miracle if I was pregnant this cycle. I'm mostly looking forward to next cycle, when I'll have femara and cycle monitoring to beef up our chances. Besides, the control freak in me wants to watch those follicles develop.

But my breasts do hurt. There's no denying that.


Anonymous said...

Holy growing ta tas batman!!!!
so, do want encouragement or ???? cos i can't help but remember what your bazooms did when you were preggo last time....hmmmmmm.....
keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

well i am hoping that you get a BFP. feel free to vent all you want.

ps it's jenn from the peach!