Tuesday, January 16, 2007

cycle monitoring, day 7

This morning the clinic forgot I was there. I stood in the exam room, naked from the waist down and wrapped in a paper sheet, for close to 30 minutes. Finally I crept out to the nurses' office and moaned pitifully about being forgotten.

Lesson learned: as much as you like sleeping in, just haul your butt to the clinic early so you're not the last one, ok?

In the end, here's what we discovered:

The lining of my uterus is now at 0.3mm. The doctor says it will thicken as soon as I stop taking the Femara

My left ovary has 4 follicles that my doctor didn't bother measuring for some reason.

My right ovary has 2 follicles at 1.2mm and a bunch of tiny ones.

They want me back on Friday (day 10). And they're pretty sure we'll be doing a trigger shot. Nice. It'll be such a treat to actually know when I'm going to ovulate.

That's all, folks. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Naked from the waist down....welcome to my world!

Anonymous said...

good luck girl!
what a vulnerable feeling, eh? sitting in that room thinking, should i just go out there or what?! i'd like to tell you you'll get used to those early mornings but unfortunately i still haven't!
i'll be thinking of you!!!!