Sunday, January 21, 2007

The morning after

Well, yesterday at 6 p.m. I shot up in a bathroom at a party. Another achievement worth noting.

For those wondering why I had to inject myself when Mr. December should be sharing responsibility, suffice it to say that Mr. December faints when he sees a needle. That would have been hard to explain at the party. "Oh, yeah, we went into the bathroom to make out, and, um... well, can you guys just throw some water on him? Oh, this? It's just a syringe of... um... heroin. Ok?" I think you can all agree that injecting myself was the better option. And in case you want to know, it stung like a bitch for a minute, but then all was fine.

I did, however, have a minor panic moment when I read the instructions, and they said to inject below the bellybutton... I injected to the left of my bellybutton. In my defense, I was following my nurse's instructions. Maybe I'll go POAS to make sure that the HCG made it into my system. At least this time I'm assured it will be a positive!

My optimism continues unabated. Why shouldn't I get pregnant this cycle? No reason at all. I have a great follicle, a decent uterine lining (although I know it could be thicker...), a guarantee that I'll ovulate on Monday morning, and a husband who's ready and willing. Now, if God would just cooperate... I'd be a happy (and nauseated) camper!

I'm trying something new this cycle (aside from actually ovulating). I'm going to visualize that BFP. I'm going to visualize baby furniture and clothes and strollers... and actually see my life unfold. Hopefully what they say about visualization is true.


By the way, I've gone ahead and added to my blogroll. If you're on there and would rather be taken off (for some reason), or if you're not there and would like to be, leave me a comment and I'll take care of it. I love reading all of your blogs, and I'm hoping others will too!


Anonymous said...

there you go girl!!!! and i LOVE your positive's exactly where i need to be too and last night i actually let myself visualize, once again, having a child in our home....the whole megillah! talk about am pretty much fully addicted again!

i am now visualizing a big juicy positive for you!!! and guess what?! we are doing iui on tuesday - so that means we are in the 2ww together!!! calls for a party - and not a pity one this time!

Baby Blues said...

Did my IUI#2 last Thursday and I'm halfway through the 2ww. Hoping and waiting with you...