Thursday, July 19, 2007

15 weeks and all is well.

Had an appointment with my doctor today. Some fun stats:

Weight gain (since conception): 7 pounds
Lumpy's heart rate: 150 bpm

AND I learned that my doctor vastly prefers not to use any interventions during birth unless absolutely 100% necessary. She doesn't believe in episiotomies. She doesn't like to use forceps or vacuum. AND she was intrigued when I mentioned doing music therapy assisted childbirth. Hooray for my doc!

To celebrate, I went to babies 'r' us and bought a Snoogle and a fetal heart listening device. The listening device is crappy... it's not as sensitive as the doppler. We tried it just now and couldn't hear anything. Then we read the package... "can be used from 20 weeks"... geez, at that point I could use a plain old stethoscope, y'know?

Nevertheless, we'll keep the crappy listening device. One day soon it will work, and I can't wait to see Mr. December's eyes light up when it does.

I'm starting to feel excited, like this is really happening.


FosterAbba said...

I'm so glad for you. :)

My Reality said...

I am excited with you, Sara!

Aurelia said...

She's very cool, isn't she?

And the nice part is that at that hospital IF you ever needed the high tech interventions, they are right there, behind the curtains.

But only IF necessary!

That's so cute about the doppler. I had problems working those whenever my tummy had any kind of moisturizer on it. Don't know why?

missing_one said...

I have loved my Snoogle to shreads...literally..the cover is no longer. What will I do if/when I get pregnant again?

I am excited for you

twirl said...

That's so great about your doctor!

My snoogle was an excellent purchase. I still have some back pain, etc. but I don't wake up as much at night and I know I'm sleeping better overall. Very worth it. I was starting to lose it from not sleeping well! And my cats LOVE the pillow during the day.

A note about the regular stethoscope- we still can't hear the hb with one at 23 weeks. Neither can the doctor. He said not to expect to until closer to 30 and even then, not everyone can hear it. I felt better when I heard this because we'd been trying (and failing) at home.

To missing one (above)- I'm pretty sure they sell replacement covers at BRU =)

JV said...

Congratulations, happy to hear all is well :) I wanted to tell you that Amazon sells a Bebe doppler that works great. It made me us so happy to get it.

Here I am said...

I happen to come across your blog and I wanted to say mazel tov to you.How exciting! I am going through this journey, most of the time feeling very alone inside-- and knowing that there can be a rainbow at the end of all of this gives me hope. So enjoy this time, soak it in-- it's a blessing.

jennyquarx said...

Mmmm, snoogle. Loved that thing. Glad you got one early, you will need it. I'm so happy for you! :)

Nugget-Maker said...

omg it IS happening! COngratulations on your growing belly & baby!!!!!

Karen said...

Hooray for good appointments!