Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mass confusion

I thought we had a break this morning. The moving company called and said that they packers couldn't make it in the morning, they'd be here around 2:00 instead. We made plans to see Mr. D's aunt, who's visiting from out of town. I showered and got dressed and thanked my lucky stars for the opportunity to go get some pancakes.

Two minutes before we left, the packers called. "We're on our way," they said. "Where do we park?" We explained that they were supposedly coming in the afternoon... but they were already here.

That was 45 minutes ago. Apparently they don't know how to read addresses, so they went to the building across the street. They just called me and asked why the nice chinese lady told them they were in the wrong place. Sigh.

So, no pancakes for me. At least my stuff will get packed up.


Aurelia said...

Oh my...well here's hoping they are better packers than finders!

Seriously, I don't think they can mess this up, in fact, I'll bet they do just fine. Crossing my fingers for you!

Erin said...

I hope you got all your stuff packed and some pancakes, I was always a sucker for Happy Endings...

sariel & shlomit said...

thinking of you and hoping that's the worst moment of the day!!!
thanks for all of your love and support, you are a mensch!

twirl said...

I totally read that second sentence as, "...the peckers couldn't make it in the morning..."

I hope they do a good job!