Saturday, July 07, 2007

French Toast

Can I just say how much I love French toast? Yummy.

Basically the nausea is gone, but I still can't tolerate meat very well. Last night I ate four bites of chicken breast and promptly threw up. Apparently Lumpy doesn't want his protein.

My house is a pigsty. I never thought I'd be living in this kind of squalor. My pants are on the floor where I stepped out of them after a long day of painting... dishes haven't been done in ages... someone dropped a food wrapper on the floor and we've both been too lazy to pick it up... the bathroom trash can is overflowing and yet nobody has thought to take it out... what a mess. No wonder I want to move already.

I'm tired. Tired. Tired. Starting to think I should have coughed up the extra 15 grand for a general contractor instead of doing it myself. When will I ever learn?


Aurelia said...

No will be beautiful in the end. As for coughing up the 15,000, ouch!

Maybe start with a cleaning lady? Just one day or a couple of times a week? Might help you keep your mood together while you manage the new house reno and move.

Ariah said...

First sleep! Then I second the suggestion of a cleaning lady - lots cheaper than 15K, and goodness knows your sanity is priceless:)

Take care - can't wait to see the house progress.

Anonymous said...

Was it stuffed French Toast??