Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Full house

If you've read the title and are getting visions of John Stamo.s, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!

We had a full house today over at the new place. Electricians, bathroom guys, unskilled student laborer, skilled relative laborers, me, and my brother's fiancee. It felt so productive... like we might actually be able to move in on the 30th.

Parking was a bitch, though. Our street has a one-hour parking limit during business hours, and our driveway only holds three cars (down to two now that we have a dumpster). We had to play car jockeys all afternoon.

Here are the things that have gotten done:
- our living room has been equipped with pot lights
- the switch for the kitchen light is now located at the entrance to the kitchen
- the rec room ceiling has been properly painted
- the laundry room has been wallpapered and painted
- the fugly fireplace has begun its transformation - today we did the first bit of cementing by patching the holes and large dents
- the bathroom wall has been broken out and the floor has been removed
- the bathroom fixtures are out
- the back patio has been powerwashed

And all this in one short day. Coolness.

Please go visit Ms. C. and congratulate her on getting two lines!


ms. c said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Your house sounds like it's coming along swimmingly.

I took your suggestion for finding a project to do... We will probably do our basement (which is currently no place for a child to play.) I hope that it will get to be used...

Anonymous said...

I bet that things will be done in time to move in on the 30th. As long as the bathroom is done, you will be fine!

The house is fantastic, Sara. Once your reno project is done, you might just have to find me a house and organize a reno for me!

twirl said...

damn, that's a lotta work. Kinda makes me want to take a nap...

Ariah said...

wow! sounds like you got a ton accomplished - you'll be moved in before you know it!