Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Orgasm in a cup

Tonight we walked over to Aroma espresso bar. It's the only Canadian location of an Israeli coffee chain.

I've been saying for years that Israelis make the best hot chocolate in the universe... and last night, I had Israeli hot chocolate in the comfort of my home town! Seriously, if you're a hot chocolate fan, you need to get your ass down there and experience it. Yum... I'm happy.

16 weeks today. Of course, my belly looks like at least 22... but the important thing is that nobody thinks I'm just fat anymore. That *is* the important thing, right? ;-)


Aurelia said...

I'm laughing at you! I love hot chocolate so you'll have to tell me where that place is.

Oh, and I phoned you back about the packing, do you still want me to help?

Anonymous said...

Our next outing needs to be for orgasms in a cup!

Sara said...

Woah. I've been silent on your blog for awhile. Where? where in Canada can I get an Aroma hot chocolate? I've been craving it for 5 years. Is it really as good? Is it in Toronto? I'll be taking a weekend trip the moment I'm free to travel again.

Chris said...

16 weeks - woot!

Jealous of that hot chocolate. It sounds fantastic.

Erin said...

I love hot chocolate!!! So glad you got to have a nice cup of orgasm.... Sounds delicious!!!
So happy you are 16 weeks!!! It makes my heart happy every time I think about you and Lumpy!!