Monday, October 15, 2007


Had my checkup today. Here are some stats:

uterus: measuring 1.5 weeks ahead at 29

lumpy's heartrate: between 150 and 160

weight gain: 2 pounds in the last 4 weeks

I'm shocked about the weight gain part. I eat crap, and often. Normally I gain weight just *looking* at food. I'm not complaining, but what's up with that?

And is it bad to be measuring ahead?

In other news, I did the glucose tolerance test today. Felt normal before, during, and after. Is that a good sign?


Anonymous said...

I am glad the appointment went well!

Aurelia said...

It's not bad to be measuring ahead, at all. Especially because it could be just the measuring tape, right?

Honestly I can't remember the glucose tolerance test, but that sounds good to me, because it might mean that you processed the glucose quite well?

lori said...

congrats on the latest stats. i would say that measuring ahead is not a bad thing. my bug (and i) measured ahead from the very start, and it worked in our favor b/c she had to be born 4 weeks early due to my having severe PE. i think that, outside the issues that can result from GD, bigger is better.

LOVE your weight gain, girl! that's a great thing...that you can eat what you want without packing on the pg pounds. enjoy it!

hmmm, i would think that feeling fine after the GD test would be a good sign. keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Suzy said...

congrats! sounds like this are progressing nicely. you are getting so close!!

SaraS-P said...

Baby must be using up all your calories!