Wednesday, October 10, 2007

at least I'm breathing...

The puffers have definitely helped with my cough and my breathing. That part of me feels better.

However, now I'm feeling the kind of fatigue that I got with mono back in '02. Exhausted, dizzy when standing, weak... I'm impressed that I can still make it to the fridge for a bowl of applesauce. My mind is fully awake, but my body is saying, "no more!".

Does anyone with an immune system of steel wanna come over and entertain me? You know, during those three hours a day when I'm not asleep?

In other news... when Lumpy kicks hard, you can see my belly change shape. Cool.


Anonymous said...

If I get fired this week, I will come sit and watch Lumpy change the shape of your belly, but only if I get to feel a kick or two!

I hope you get to feeling better. Your body is telling you to rest - so listen to it!

Aurelia said...

Sorry, no immune system here! but I'll come over soon.