Thursday, October 18, 2007

yeah, I'm cool. now who wants to touch me?

hooray for consistency - I did my morning routine today, although I couldn't find anything that needed to be laundered so I skipped that part.

We're having house guests for Shabbat - all 26 hours of it - so I really need to clean out the fridge, do some menu planning, and go grocery shopping. Also maybe making the guest bed today would alleviate some of the pressure tomorrow.

And I need a new tablecloth, to go with our new table. And I have no long pants or long skirts, so I'm kinda getting chilled here. And it would be neat if I could buy a replacement lid for my crockpot, cause I shattered mine last week.

So yeah... another productive day coming up. First, though, I'm gonna go take a walk. Ciao!


Aurelia said...

Yayyyy!!!! Isn't productivity a great thing. Less last minute rush, less anxiety all around!

ms. c said...

I'm so impressed.
Keep warm, Sara!