Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Send in the klutz

We went to my dad's office to pick up one of his spare desks - Mr. December wanted it for his home office. As we traded my tiny car for the family van, my mom said, "Don't lift anything! I don't want you to get hurt!"

So... for the record, I DIDN'T LIFT ANYTHING.

There we were, in the back of the office. I was sitting and watching Mr. December and my dad do all the work. It occurred to us that we needed to label the little screws and bolts so we'd know where to put them back. I went to my Dad's corner office to find some labels and a marker. Voila! I turned to go and... turned my ankle on NOTHING.

That's right, I sprained my ankle just by walking. How lame is that?

Down I went, landing mostly on my right knee. Do you know how bad the rug burn can get from commercial/industrial grade carpet? It hurt like a mofo and still does! Anyhow, I fell and then started swearing. Glad my dad got to hear my proficient use of the word "fuck".

So today... can't bend my right leg without winceing, because of the nasty rug burn. Can't put weight on my left leg without whimpering, on account of the sprained ankle. And yet the new mattress is being delivered soon and I need to clear a space in Lumpy's room (currently storage) for the old one. If only our rec room couch was set up, I could just relax and watch some DVD's. If only. Sigh.


butterflyanla said...

Ouch, I hope you feel better soon. I am sure you will feel wonderful once everything in your house is together and Lumpy is sleeping in the crib. :)
p.s. I had to make my blog private, but I didn't have your email address to add you to the approved reader list. Could you email em at butterflyanla6318@yahoo.com

Aurelia said...

Oh my!

Yes, those ligaments get nice and loose don't they? Just barrels of fun being preggo.

You know, it's not so bad though, because now you will have to let someone else in the family do the work while you rest and gestate.

Barb said...

Awe..........You poor thing.That sucks. Maybe this was Lumpy's way of getting you to relax;)

Heather said...

Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Aurelia is right - REST. Take it easy. And don't sprain anything else. It sounds like it hurts!

twirl said...

Ah, the clumsiness! It may get worse, so be careful! REST UP =)