Saturday, April 14, 2007

And then there were two

Well, my four follicles are down to two now. Both on the right side - 1.5 and 1.4. My lining is pretty pathetic at 6mm.

Today the wanding doctor was none other than the director of our clinic. He said a few interesting things:

- in a normal 27-year-old (such as myself) almost half of the eggs are defective in some way. Supposedly this explains why everything can be in exactly the right place and you can still not get pregnant.

- he recommends doing up to six IUI's with only one or two follicles (i.e. simulating a normal cycle) before moving on

I explained to him that we're planning on moving on to Puregon because the progesterone affects me so badly that we need to up our chances per cycle. He nodded - didn't say much, but whatever. I feel comfortable with our plan.

He said it all looks good this time - a "perfect" cycle. I told him cynically that I've had perfect cycles before. "Well, yes." he conceded. Hmph.

So I'm back at the clinic again tomorrow... hopefully my lining will catch up quickly.

But really, I'm not feeling optimistic. I feel like we're just going through these next few IUI cycles because it's something to do before getting to IVF. For some reason I don't actually expect to get pregnant from these treatments anymore. And yet I continue doing them. What's up with that?


Anonymous said...

What's up with that?! That's what this crazy shit does to you....ughhghghghghgh...i wish, i wish, i wish i could have the magic power to make you pregnant!!! hope this 'perfect cycle' is perfect cos it's the one that gets you knocked up!!

ps...maybe ask your doc abt baby/low dose aspirin to boost your lining?

pps...i know i've been hiding lately...i'm looking forward to hooking up for at least lunch or something soon!


Aurelia said...

Hey, lunch sounds good!

Ooo, you saw Dr.Eyebrows! I love him, but he always seems uncomfortable talking while wanding. I mean, geez, isn't he used to it by now?

And nevermind asking, just take the baby aspirin, it's not too late. Everybody on earth does it. Increases odds of success dramatically.

Anonymous said...

Well, the IUI's could work. And even though don't expect to get pregnant, it is possible. That is why you keep doing this.

You lining still has time to catch up. Besides, you will be feeding it with the awful, dreaded progesterone.

And I have got to know - does baby asprin help boost your lining? If so, I need to take it myself.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Been seeing your photo/name on a number of comment sections on blogs that I visit regularly. I'm new to the blog community (since mid-Feb) and am finding a terrific network of women I've come to admire. I wanted to drop by to offer you some support and introduce myself. All the best to you in your quest...

shelbel said...'s to hoping she's just psychic & not just a bafoon.

big hugs.

shelbel said...

well, duh, the above comment was supposed to be under the "Oh no, she didn't!" post. duh.

Now I'm the bafoon.

praying that all goes well. have some sushi with shlomo for me, kay?

big hugs & much love...

Baby Blues said...

I know what you mean. After 3 IUIs, I really don't think I'll be hopeful with the next 3. But hey, we might get lucky right?