Sunday, April 01, 2007

That's what friends are for

I had an awesome morning with My Reality today. We went for brunch, then to Pusateri's and Williams Sonoma, and back to my place where she graciously offered to let me re-design her kitchen on a shoestring. How exciting!

She also confirmed for me that yesterday's HPT is a complete BFN. That elusive shadowy line that I hallucinate every time I tilt the test just so... isn't there. Seems natural that a reality check would come from someone who has named herself "My Reality".

If you have ten seconds to spare (and who doesn't?) please visit Shlomit and lend some support. Her IVF cycle isn't going very well and even though our virtual hugs won't make her follicles grow, they will help her feel loved and supported through this horrible part of the journey.

As for me... I'm still filled with hope. My cervix has taken a loooong drive north (way north) and is soft. Also, lots of creamy cm has made an appearance (and yeah, I'm sure I'm not just leaking progesterone). I was boiling hot all afternoon. Oh, and the temperature I posted on my chart? I wrote it down wrong. It was actually HIGHER.

Now that I've said these things we can probably count on my beta being negative. But hope still lives here. And when hope leaves... the part of me that wants to do my own demolition will come out to play.


shelbel said...

btw--since you posted your chart you *know* I had to go do a chart search on my own. I found quite a few IUI charts that showed BFNs on hpts even up to 15dpo, only to get a BFP on the beta days later. Hopefully you can add yours to that group honey. Hang in there.

I still Believe Sara. I really do.

big hugs!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time yesterday. I think your plans for my kitchen might be exactly what I need.

And I just have to say Fuck again that the beta was negative.