Friday, April 13, 2007

Oh no she didn't!

Yes, she did.

I was chez optometrist this morning, picking out glasses. The receptionist was helping me choose.

"Do you wear your glasses all the time?" She asked.

"Pretty much." I answered.

"So you really should get glasses that look fabulous on you. You're going to be wearing them lots, especially with a baby on the way..."


"Actually," I said softly, "I'm not pregnant. We're in the middle of fertility treatments right now."

She looked like she wanted to fall through the floor. She then spent five minutes apologizing profusely and then telling me that she was never able to conceive and adopted her three kids. She wished me all the luck in the world.

But wow, that one came out of left field.


Aurelia said...

Ouch...I could hear that one fall with a thud all the way over here. Hope you are okay?

Anonymous said...

The nerve of some people. I can't believe she said it!

That is the last thing you needed to hear. And then for her to try and bond through infertility. Uggg.

Did you at least get your appliances and contractor stuff done?

Laura37 said...

OMG I cant believe she said that. Wow people can be really stupid sometimes.........

Anonymous said...

Oh hell no.

And from an infertile????

Wow. that sucks.

btw... thanks for finding me!!!

Anonymous said...

WHOA?! holy krap?!
so did you buy your frames there?!

Anonymous said...

oh, good answer by the way!

tipsymarie said...

Do what?

That made me laugh though. And at least she attempted to apologize. Good response!