Thursday, April 26, 2007

I just don't think so.

I feel pretty sure I'm not pregnant, for no really good reason. I know, I know... you really can't tell at 8 dpo. Nevertheless:

- my resting pulse rate is low/normal
- my cervix isn't doing anything special.
- no cervical mucus to speak of... surprising, because I'd at least expect some stuff from the progesterone suppositories... but nothing.
- absolutely NO IPS. Boobs don't hurt at all. Not overly grumpy. Both of those are usually firmly established by now.
- oh, wait. In the middle of lunch yesterday I felt suddenly pukey. But other than that, no IPS.

Most of all, I'm just not feeling it. And I feel resigned to this cycle not really working. But part of me thought it would be really neat to come home from Israel with a growing embryo, y'know?


In other news, the trip is still great, but exhausting. I'm going to go nap now - and that's not an IPS!


Jess said...

sorry that you don't think you're there yet, but I am glad to hear from you and glad you are having a great time. Keep on having fun. Send my love to your mom...I can't wait to see you when you get back


Anonymous said...

I hope you are wrong.

Glad the trip is going well!!

Anonymous said...

well, i'm glad you're having a fabulous time!
and i'm still hoping, girl!

Erin said...

Is it ok if I just keep hoping Sara??? I want this so bad for you!!! I am glad you are having fun!!!! Miss you!!

Barb said...

I'm going to keep the faith!
Glad your having a great time on your trip.

Love & Baby Dust!

shelbel said...

Hey, sometimes the biggest EPS is no EPS at all. That's how it wsa when I finally got my miracle pink cm at all. Which is so very unusual. Zero, nada, zilch. Dry as the Sahara. And my hope had dried up just as badly.

So you have fun...we'll do the hoping for you.

big hugs,