Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Take two...

I tried posting this last night, but my internet time ran out. Bah.

It's now 13 dpo.

I'm extremely sick. Stuffed up head, productive cough, fever, the works. Afraid to take anything for it, but I finally capitulated and swallowed some Tylenol Cold. Tylenol-based meds are safe, right?

Yesterday I had six - count 'em, six - nosebleeds.

For the past two days, my pulse has not dipped below 82 beats per minute. My resting pulse rate has generally been around 92. Normal for me is between 64 and 80.

Today I had some blink-and-you'll-miss-it brown spotting with a tiny glob of brown CM. I'm trying to decide whether I need to buy some pads... didn't bring any since I don't usually get AF until I'm off the progesterone.

I have NONE of my usual progesterone symptoms - and I'm on the same dose as in previous cycles. Boobs are totally normal. No nausea. No anything... except for nosebleeds, high pulse rate, and spotting. Those could totally be from other things, right? Does having a cold elevate your resting heart rate?

Somebody knock some sense into me before I get all hopeful.

Three more days until beta.


Aurelia said...

Ouch, I'm sorry you have a cold on vacation, that is soooo not fun. And bloody noses! Eeek, time for some relief.

That said, I'm think Tylenol is perfectly safe, and if you want to be sure, call Motherisk here in Toronto. http://www.motherisk.org/women/index.jsp

416-813-6780 and I think the 1-800 number only works in Canada? Anyway, they have all the up to date stuff on over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions.

Seriously, just pee on a stick already. You don't have to wait for a beta if you are 13 dpo now. The trigger shot has long since cleared your system.

Personally, I've never had ANY symptoms of anything until I was 3-4 weeks dpo, so it may be perfectly normal.

Barb said...

Sorry your not feeling well:(
Hope it's an EPS!

(I'm a POAS pusher. It's my new job)

Karen said...

Tylenol itself is safe, but not necessarily all tylenol-based products, because it depends on what other drugs are in product (for example, Premsyn has tylenol in it, but it's still not safe during pregnancy). That being said, I believe that Tylenol Cold is fine during pregnancy (and the 2ww). If you're ever unsure, call your local pharmacy.

And seriously, woman! PEE ON A STICK!

Laura37 said...

OMG Hoping its EPS!!!

Sorry you dont feel good on vacation!! Love ya and hope you are having fun anyway!!

megan said...

six nosebleeds? that's craziness. keeping my fingers crossed that your beta brings happy news. i would joint the POAS chorus, but i have a hard time doing it myself!

April said...

Ah! I'm hoping, hoping, hoping!

I'm also jealous, jealous, jealous of your amazing trip!

mamajenn said...

O. M. G.
Nosebleeds.... and SIX of them...

I won't say it out loud- but man I sure am hoping!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Being sick on vacation is the worsts. The cold part of the Tylenol cold can increase your blood pressure, so I would assume it could increase your heartrate as well.

Have a safe trip home!

shelbel said...

fingers crossed...everything crossed...still hoping.

Now shove a tissue up your nose & go POAS already...

big hugs!

Suzy said...

Yes, POAS! Hope you are feeling better soon and enjoying your visit. I think Tylenol is safe as well.

ms. c said...

Thinking of you, Sara.

Jennifer said...


*fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Sorry you're sick over there in Israel...luckily they have great medical care if you need it! (I've had to myself).
Take good care and don't worry abt the Tylenol.
Hoping you come home to good news!

Zee said...

So? SO? Have you POAS'ed yet? C'mon, ya know ya wanna!

Sorry about the cold and the nose bleeds (eeeww!) but pretty exciting about the pulse and other stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!