Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trying hard, or hardly trying.

So now that the nausea is at bay, I've been noticing the crippling exhaustion. I'm short of breath every time I do something more difficult than reaching for a Hershey Kiss. I slept until noon today, and I believe that I'd be completely able to lie down and sleep until 7:30 tonight, if I so decided.

But no. I must be strong. Must call and confirm tradesmen (hope they weren't coming today). Must deal with the stack of mail and bills that has been here since I got my BFP.

In the spirit of getting things done, I took a shower. Now I'm really tired. Need to rest. Maybe in 5 minutes I'll be able to get up and get dressed, and then... I dunno... do some of those things on my list. Or do one of them really half-assed and then fall asleep on the couch. Either way.


Suzy said...

I feel you!! It takes all my energy just to shower and get ready to go somewhere!! Glad I'm normal.

Cheers to your morning sickness going away...

Aurelia said...

Diclecton always made me tired, but if I cut back my dose I was nauseated again...just take it one day at a time. It will all lift soon.

My Reality said...

Nausea at bay is good. Sleep if you are tired, you are busy growing a human being!

When is your ultrasound?