Saturday, May 12, 2007

feeling bad = good?

Remember how I had no symptoms? Yeah, not anymore.

I'm starving all the time. Then, when I finally eat, I can get down about ten bites... and then I start feeling nauseated. As in, this food that was so good and satisfying is suddenly repulsive to me. So I stop eating. Eventually (after an hour or so) the gross feeling goes away and... yup, I'm hungry again.

What's that about? Is this the beginning of "morning sickness"?

I never felt really sick with my last pregnancy, so I guess this is a good thing. Right?

I'm only at 5 1/2 weeks... presumably this gets worse. Stick with me, folks. Especially if you like a good puke story.


shelbel said...

Yep, sounds like good old morning sickness to me. Also known as progesterone poisoning.'s only a joke, even though you *really* will feel like you've been poisoned. Congrats on that, btw, a good sign indeed!.

Look into getting a relief band, the kind with batteries. I swear this thing saved my life. Or at least my appetite. I'd like to tell you it will end soon...but at 19 weeks I'm still the Zofran Queen.

Anonymous said...

My advice to you - if the puking starts, make sure your hair is out of the way!! :)

Aurelia said...

Congrats! Sick is good, and so is Diclectin. Get it, fab stuff, you will feel healthy and be able to eat right. :)

Barb said...

Morning Sickness is a GREAT sign!
I know you, of all people, will gladly accept morning sickness if it means getting the baby you dream of.
Lot's of Love and Sticky Dust!!

Wishin4bb said...

Yup, unfortunately this is just the beginning! I hope that you don't get it quite as bad as I did! It's all worth it though! I would kill to have it back again...

I used the sea sickness bands from the drug store. They helped keep the nauseousness away...well sort of!

April said...

Three words...Preggie Pop Drops!

I lived on 'em for a month. They really did help my nausea.

Nicki BL said...

I just have one word ... Reglan! Get yourself some and quick. LOL That was my lifesaver.