Sunday, May 06, 2007

Demolition is fun!

We took posession of our new house on Thursday. Since then, we've ripped up some butt-ugly carpet and even taken down parts of the kitchen wall. Can I just say, demolition is fun! It's awesome to start with a wall and end with nothing!

And yes, I wore a proper dust mask with a filter.

I know that some of my readers will probably stop reading me soon - I remember how much it sucked to read "pregnant after infertility" journals when I was still in the process. It sucked. So to all those readers I say, thanks for sticking with me, come back and visit anytime, and I hope that your treatments are successful soon. I'm still reading all of you.

I am, however, going to try to be sensitive to those readers - so I hope they'll mostly be able to stay. For the next couple of months at least, I plan to include a lot of info about my renovations, including the fabulous before-and-after pics and descriptions of the process. Hang around, it'll be fun!


Anonymous said...

you are a sweet, kind and sensitive woman...your fuiture children will be blessed....i'm gonna try to hang out here, but thanks in advance for your understanding...enjoy the demolition!
love ya!

Aurelia said...

It's interesting you wrote this, because for me, I never had an issue with pregnancy reads or seeing women pregnant, as long as I knew it was someone who had "been there" too. I found it kind of inspirational myself!

Now, newborn babies...whole 'nother area. Much harder.

As for demolition, maybe we should get together this week, and I can give you a hand ripping something apart!

Anonymous said...

I am kind of like Aurelia. If I know that a pregnancy has come from hard work, I am postively giddy about it.

It is the ones who get pregnant without trying that kind of get to me.

Be careful with that demolition! You are carrying precious cargo!

ariah said...

I'm sticking around - I want demo pics!

ms. c said...

Can't wait to hear alllll about the demolition (I am a reno whore, I admit it!), and also as much about your pregnancy as you want to share. I really adore reding pregnancy updates from IF girls- it gives me so much hope. It's after the birth that it becomes really hard.
I wish you so much mazel with this pregnancy- and hope the next 35 are unevenful in your belly, but productive in the new home!

Jennifer said...

You will never get rid of me, infertile or not!!!!!

I look forward to watching you take this journey.

And have fun tearing up the house!!!!! :)