Saturday, May 19, 2007

It could be too much Buffy -

but I feel like a vampire. We've been inside all day. At least I was able to satisfy my craving for Quesadillas - guess my grocery shopping wasn't that bad.

I'm still feeling yucky, though. Any sane woman would have taken the diclectin by now... but not me. Reassurance, yada yada. You know how it goes. Right?

Last night I lectured Mr. December (he deserved it). I told him that I'm physically bearing the brunt of this pregnancy (not to mention all the treatments and tests it took to get here), and therefore he has to step up to the plate in other ways. I think I got it through his head - he did a really decent kitchen cleanup. Now if he would only do some laundry and change the sheets, we'd be in business.

Ugh, feeling pukey. And yucky. And while I'm happy and grateful to be feeling this way, I think I'll just go sleep it off.


Anonymous said...

Of course he should do laundry and clean the bathroom while he is at it. You never know when your face may be close to the toilet again, and it would be nice if it was nice and clean for you. :)

Have a good night!

Anonymous said...

I think you are unintentionally making yourself sick. Women who have miscarried in the past can get themselves all worked up over worry over losing the next that they actually get sick. People get nausea from worry all the time, pregnancy is no different.

Having nausea during pregnancy doesn't make you less likely to miscarry nor does having pretty good hcg numbers early on. I've had 3 kids from fertility procedures and the one time I miscarried at 10 weeks my hcg numbers were much higher than your's at the same time DPO.

Just remember that there is a 30% chance of m/c before 12 weeks whether you make yourself sick from the worry or not. Let's see those hcg numbers a few weeks from now. THAT will tell the story.

True morning sickness makes you feel like crap 24/7, not nausea here and nausea there. You're having bouts once in a while from NERVES and as a self defense against worry about having another m/c because you think nausea will make it less likely. THAT is not going to prevent you from miscarrying if you are meant too!

ariah said...

Oh goodness Sara, I don't know if you can delete a comment, but if I could I'd delete the above for you! I know they're trying to make you feel better, and that's to be thankful for, but it made my stomach turn for you.

As someone who has been sick for her entire pregancy (and mostly in the morning, for the record!) please let me put in my 2 cents. Yes, you're nervous (who wouldn't be after what we've gone through), and yes, nausea doesn't mean you won't m/c - but there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking comfort in the nausea. In order to calm the nerves, we cling to every sign we can that this pg is 'the one'.

As for your hcg numbers a few weeks from now, please don't give them another thought - as I'm sure all your dr's have told you (goodness knows all of mine did) after 6-8 weeks those numbers don't mean much, it's the wonderful u/s that will tell what you need to know.

I could go on and go (and I'll email you later if need be!) but please continue to focus on all the things that make this pg wonderful and real - even if it means staring at the inside of your toilet!

p.s. as for the cleaning - sounds like Mr. D is off to a good start! I'm with 'my reality' - my policy is if I have to throw up into it, he has to clean it! :)

decemberbaby said...

Um, I don't think anonymous was trying to make me feel better. I think anonymous is a troll.

I'm disabling anonymous comments from now on. If someone has something confrontational to say, they can either use their name or bugger off.

Julie said...

"True morning sickness makes you feel like crap 24/7, not nausea here and nausea there."

I beg to differ, Captain Anonymous. And my daughter begs to differ as well. As her how often she got jigged around left right and sideways because mom was feeling fine and then whoopsie! there goes Taco Bell....

jennifer said...

Um. Oh no you didn't.

What a butthead you are Ms. Anonymous.

JV said...

Oh no she didn't. I can't believe what a mean jerk Anonymous is. Sorry you had to deal with an obnoxious troll. I wish you a great pregnancy.

Aurelia said...

I'm not sure if anonymous was being a troll or just being a foot-in-mouth with a bad sense of timing, but if you don't want to take Diclectin, (and I assure you it is completely safe) at least take some increased B6 vitamin tabs, and go the Motherisk website to get the brochure list of tips and tricks.

I'm glad Mr.D is stepping up to the plate, though. :)

Laura37 said...

OMG!! I got angry reading the post by anonymous! Looks like I wasnt the only one that found it offensive!!

Sara, we've heard it a million times....everyone is different when is comes to morning sickness and stuff. You are not making yourself sick from worrying! I've actually felt that you've been VERY optimistic! Hang in there!

Anonymous is an A$$MONKEY!!

Erin said...

I think only a coward would leave such a comment w/o her name... It makes me sick! It was not said in a nice way...It was said to be mean and hurtful.... She is one sad bitter woman!!

April said...

Boy, Anonymous. That wasn't all too helpful, now was it? Geez....

Glad you're feeling better now, Sara!

Karen said...

yeah, it's absolute crap that "true morning sickness" happens all day not just in fits and starts. Whatever. I'm pregnant with triplets and pretty constantly nauseated, but it started in the beginning as random bouts of yuck.

Yeah, you're just worrying yourself into being sick. Whatever.

Suzy said...

Umm...I've been having morning sickness too, and it's NOT all day. It comes and goes...before I eat, after I eat, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, a lot of times in the evening.

And it's not from worry, because I am not evening thinking of the pregnancy half the time when it comes on.

This comment is completely unfounded and false:

"Just remember that there is a 30% chance of m/c before 12 weeks"

I am not going to bother researching and quoting the hundreds of articles that medically provide quite the opposite.

Need I say more?