Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why I haven't POAS yet

Thank you all for the resounding POAS chorus. The biggest reason why I haven't yet done it is because I promised Mr. December I wouldn't. We want to find out together, if indeed there's anything to find out.

Other equally valid reasons - up until yesterday my cervix seemed kind of low, so I was doubtful. It's super-high today, though, and tightly closed. Also, I was thinking that the high heart rate was a result of the cold I have... so didn't want to get my hopes up. Also, ever since discovering Dollarama pregnancy tests, I was loathe to spend 45 shekels on a ClearBlue.

But my hopes are officially up. My pulse has been consistently high... the LOWEST it's been was 84 bpm, and that's often my fastest in other cycles. My cervix is way up.

But other than that, no symptoms. My boobs don't hurt, ache, twinge, or anything else. No CM. No mood swings. In fact, I'm in a really great mood despite the fact that it's 4:30 a.m. and I've only had one hour of sleep tonight and the AlItalia check-in was brutally slow and reeked of nepotism... but I digress.

I love you guys, and your cheering means so much to me. I'll be home by Thursday evening (honestly, I'm so unsure what time and day it is right now) and I'll probably POAS on Friday morning... so if you don't know what's up by Friday at noon, you can officially start hounding me.

See you soon!


Krista said...

Good luck Sara, I hope this is it. I also hope you have a safe and comfortable flight home.

Anonymous said...

Still keeping it all crossed for you!
Looking forward to your return...have a safe flight.

mamajenn said...

Thank goodness- I've been dying for an update!
Enjoy this time- being hopeful and excited! And of course, I hope hope hope its lasts for the next 9 months.
Have a safe trip home!

Zee said...

Good luck, Sara! Here's wishing you a safe trip home and good news on Friday morning!

Amy said...

Best of luck :) I hope you had a fun & relaxing trip!

Jennifer said...

Have a safe trip home!!!

And I look forward to finding out what is going on on Friday!!!

*fingers crossed!!!!!*

megan said...

good luck with that pee-stick tomorrow! have safe travels home.