Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, I made it to 9:00!

Maybe it had something to do with the Ramen noodles I ate at 2 a.m. after puking up all my dinner and evening snacks.

Yes, I said puking. I'm now officially the pukey chick. Mr. December was highly amused.

Yesterday I couldn't stop coughing - a dry, shallow, wheezy cough. I was supposed to have been weaned off my puffers by now, but I took them last night because I felt so crappy. My chest was all tight and everything. I need to see my family doctor, but getting in is always a challenge. I'm going to call now and throw myself on the mercy of his receptionist.

My apartment is a pigsty... and just looking at the mess is making me feel nauseated. Is it any wonder I spend most of my time sleeping? Ugh... there should be subsidized housecleaning for women who feel like shit. Morning sickness, ART-related depression, progesterone crazies, whatever. We should all get a little help.

I'm thinking fondly of all of you, my dears. I sincerely hope that you'll get to feel as crappy as I do, for the same reasons, one day soon.


Tina said...

Popping over to catch up on your blog (I am trying to say hi to everyone who has been kind enough to post on my blog and catch up with their blogs).

Funny you mention your apartment looking like a sty - when I was PG with my DS, I just couldn't handle washing the dishes...and, since DH is anti-dishwashing, you can imagine what it looked like!

Enjoy the m/s - As much as I hated mine, at least I knew things were still going well with the PG.

Aurelia said...

Why do you need to wean off the puffers? They are safe in pg and frankly, if you can't breathe well, neither can the baby! With all this smog, blechhh.

Take care of yourself, and if you can't get into your gp, I'll try to help find you another, just call. XX

Suzy said...

sara--i fell asleep at 8:30 last night and then proceeded to take an hour nap today!! subsidized housekeeping...where do i sign up??

sorry your sick...that hasn't hit me too badly yet. i'm sure you are loving it though!!

Anonymous said...

Can't you just start packing the apartment? That is one way to get rid of stuff. I will even come help! But not until after my floors are bleached!

MLO said...

A long time ago when I didn't realize I couldn't get pregnant without IVF I asked my OB/GYN about puffers and antihistamines. Her response - as she is a high risk OB/GYN - was that the benefits of keeping asthma and severe allergies under control outweighed the risks since low birth weight tended to be the major risk - and even lower birth rates plus other risks when asthma and allergies are not under control.