Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm hungry.

I'm always hungry.

Today I took down a huge chunk of tile wainscotting. I'm starting to get really good at this demolition thing.

I had a mini-breakdown worrying about whether I was putting little Lumpy in jeopardy (sp?) with all the exertion and the dust (although I do wear a mask) and everything. Then I decided to stop being scared. According to everyone I know, there's nothing I could do to cause a miscarriage if this is a healthy pregnancy... so back to demolition I go!

No symptoms. None. It's almost freaky.


megan said...

glad to hear you're enjoying the demolition, and that all is going well!

Aurelia said...

You can't hurt Lumpy by doing demolition! Maybe if you were painting with high fume paints or using toxic solvents to strip flooring, but I doubt that.

If you are really worried, call Motherisk and ask. They can be very very reassuring.

Jennifer said...

And glad you are still enjoying the demolition...:)

Anonymous said...

If you are hungry, have a snack!

Elizabeth said...

So glad to hear the good news! (I´m just now back in the blogosphere due to travel) Yay!!!!!!!