Monday, May 07, 2007

1887, and I love my sledgehammer!

My beta today (19 dpo) was 1887! That puts it at a doubling time of 1.93 days, according to the online calculators. For those who aren't fluent in beta-speak, this means that so far the pregnancy is progressing in a textbook manner. Works for me!


The kitchen cabinets are gone. I also tore out the tile wainscotting on one wall, and tore out half of the archway we're removing. I feel so productive! The house still smells like smokers, though. Anybody have a trick to get rid of the smell?


Aurelia said...


1887 at 19dpo is great, so great that I'm wondering how many are in there too. Any opinions from Dr.Eyebrows?

As for the smoke smell, try getting rid of all the carpets and drapes. Then TSP the walls and ceilings and paint a couple of coats. Floors will need a professional style scrubber, but Mr.December could rent one of those from Home.Depot maybe?

Chili said...

That's a fantastic beta! Yay!

I think there is a special type of primer that you can use on smokey walls and ceilings that makes sure that nothing seeps through - not sure what it's called though.

Karen said...

hooray! I'm also interested to learn how many you've got in there! My beta at 19 dpo was 1514, I think (average doubling time of 1.8 days, if I remember correctly)

Golly gee whillickers!

Krista said...

I moved into a house that had been smoked in for 35 years. Getting rid of the carpets and drapes made a big difference. Scrubbing the walls with TSP made a huge difference. Expect to have to scrub each room about 6 times (and the water will still come off yellow). Then there is an oil based primer called Kilz available at Home depot (white can with red lettering). It completely blocks nicotine stains and smells. Even though it is oil based, you can still use latex paint on top of it )we were told this and have done so in every room in our house. It is however, particularly noxious, so I would decline to be the one priming in your current condition and make sure all the windows are open while someone else is doing it!

By the way, congrats on that beta, it is fantastic!

ms. c said...

YAY for great beta. This is so fantastic, Sara.
You sound like your demo is going great- but don't overdo it, girl. As for the smoke smell- the more demolition and dust you make, the more you will get rid of the smell (that's what happened in our house...). Krista seems to have some good ideas....

Jennifer said...

HOrray for Lumpy!!!!!

What a great Beta!!! :):):)

Good luck with the smoke smell, I am sure with all the reno you are doing that it will be gone in no time. And those tips sound great!!!

thirdtimelucky said...

Great news and good luck with getting rid of the smoke smell.

Nina said...

Small bowls with white-wine vinager and wanter mixed. Change mixture every two days. Leave out for about a week, kills all the smoke smell in the air. all fabrics need to be chemically cleaned.

Congratulations on the beta. Man I get beta jealous. Here, we don't "do" /get betas. Oh well.

Angie said...

Great beta! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...