Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Sorry, couldn't come up with a snazzy title this morning. Here are the stats:

Lining: 0.4
Left ovary: One follicle at 1.0; lots of tiny follicles
Right ovary: Three follicles: 1.2, 1.2, and 1.3; lots of tiny follicles

I've started dreading the bloodwork. It never used to bother me, but recently I've had a few painful and bruise-filled experiences, and I noticed myself winceing this morning when the needle was coming at me. I always figured I had it good, and if I wasn't scared of needles to start with then I'd never develop a phobia of them. Not so. Now, how do I keep this from turning into a real problem?


Anonymous said...

I always have a hard time getting my blood drawn. I have difficult veins. The one thing that does help is to make sure you are well hydrated. It is easier to find your veins that way.

Or you can drink before your blood draws. That can help, too!

Aurelia said...

Reality has good advice, but also, it really depends on the person doing it. Some are great, and some are awful.

If you have a bruise, switch sides, or veins until it heals. It doesn't matter where they get it, as long as they get it.

Anonymous said...

funny i developed the same thing...after a lifetime of not being needle phobic!

i try and do deep breathing, picturing a scene far from a blood taking cubicle, about half the time...hope you come up with something that works for you!