Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well, at least the conversation was good.

Follicles: 1.7 and 1.9
Lining: 6.3

Yes, that would be a tiny smidge thicker than yesterday... but just a tiny smidge. The doctor thinks that the thin lining is just an effect of the Femara. We're gonna do this whole thing again tomorrow in the hopes that the lining will plump up overnight.

(and yes, I did try the baby aspirin... thanks to my commenters for that one)

The waiting room was very social today. I chatted with three different people. We talked about being bitter, about miscarriages, about thinking positive. We giggled. I asked if anyone knew a good contractor. Nobody did. (Ms. C, can you email me?)

I have a crazy amount of work to get done, but we've recently gotten hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I think we're going to try for another 3-episode marathon today.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


Anonymous said...

A smidge is good. If things get another smidge thicker today, you just might have a thick lining come trigger time.

Aurelia said...

Blogger ate my earlier comment, so here I am back again.

Femara can do that, since the idea is to slow things down a touch and make sure the eggs grow slow and steady instead of too fast for your lining to catch up.

But it will catch up, don't worry!

And hey, I know you are off to Israel soon, why don't we meet this week for lunch before you take off?

Bumble said...

Hi there decemberbaby! Just found you. I hope that lining of yours continues to swell beautifully. Good Luck with your 2 follies!