Wednesday, November 14, 2007

32 weeks... holy cow!

I had another checkup today:

weight gain: 2 pounds in 2 weeks ("perfect", says my doctor)
ute measurement: 34 cm - 2 weeks ahead (doc wants to know if dh and I were big babies. gaa.)
lumpy's heartbeat: 150-160
blood pressure: 110 over 60.

I love my doctor. She really pays attention. While measuring my belly, she said, "looks like baby might have had a growth spurt. Those stretch marks are new, aren't they?" Indeed they are. Amazing that she noticed and remembered.

So yeah, I'm now officially eight months pregnant. Holy crap, is all I have to say.


Chris said...

Glad all is well!

Susan said...

That is awesome!! Way to go. I'm glad to hear you and baby are well.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast you reached 32 weeks!

Aurelia said...

32 weeks is the magic time when all goes well because the lungs are mature. Definitely over the hump.


shelbel said...

Thirty two weeks!! Wow!! You are getting so close!

I'm so excited for you & Mr. D!

Yep, 32 weeks is good. Congrats.

Erin said...

December.. I am so excited... 8 months, really!!! Wow, Lumpy will be here before you know it.. I can not wait to meet Lumpy!!!! So excited.. Lots of love!!

Suzy said...

fantastic! your baby will be here so soon!