Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hospital tour. Ew.

Tonight we toured the birthing unit of our hospital. All I can say is, ew.

Okay, that's not all I can say. If it was, I probably wouldn't even bother blogging about it.

First off, the birthing unit has a definite hospital smell... disinfectant and old urine.

The room is about the size of a small private dorm room, with a toilet and sink in an area smaller than most powder rooms I've seen. There's a hospital bed, some really cheesy "mother and child" paintings, and all the medical equipment right there in plain sight. There's maybe three feet of floor space on either side of the bed. The clock on the wall ticks very loudly.

This is where my child will take his or her first breath? Ew. Is it too late to give birth in the woods or something?

I'm making a list of things to bring to make the labour room more homey:

- some happy pictures that I can stick to the wall
- many, many pillows - to build a fort on the bed
- a boom box and lots of CD's
- my own blanket (or duvet)
- a nightshirt that I don't mind losing (so that I don't have to wear the blue gowns)
- a bottle of vanilla essence or some other natural (non-chemical) substance that will make the room smell better
- a sign to put on the door, to the effect of "welcome to my happy place. we thank you in advance for helping us maintain the positive, homelike mood in our room."
- the most important tools for transforming the room: a sledgehammer, some drywall compound, and a gallon of paint

Then again, that would make for a pretty full bag. Better leave out the nightshirt.


Aurelia said...

Yeah, they've been waiting for years to do that reno. The NDP and then the Tories have screwed them over for years and years, so the place kind of ran down. Now they are rebuilding, and have the money and the architectural plans, but haven't quite done the sledgehammer part.

From what you are writing, I think you only saw the tiny room, because mine were all the bigger ones?

On the good side, the equipment is the finest most fabulous, technically perfect stuff money can buy. And the nurses are absolute angels, the best in the city.

Bring music and whatever else you like, but anything fabric, like pillows, should be covered with a waterproof cover. TRUST ME. Don't bring anything you don't want ruined, and no, you can't wear a nightgown of your own. To be honest, I pretty much ended up naked with just the sheet, between the sweating and the moving around, and whatever, and then breastfeeding skin to skin, I need access. And they need access for IVs and epidurals just in case.

I applaud your efforts hon, but I swear the nurses will make it mandatory to everyone walking in that you get a lovely wonderful peaceful atmosphere.

This will all work out beautifully, okay?

decemberbaby said...

Interesting... so far everyone has said I can wear my own gown or nightshirt or whatever. I assume I'll do something shortsleeved, so IV's wouldn't be a problem... and if I need an epidural, THEN I'll put on one of their gowns.

Thanks for the reassurance about the nurses... it was just such a gross room, you know?

Aurelia said...

Well, yeah they say that about the nightgowns, but really, they'll discourage it because it gets blechy.

Sort of like, if you want it, ok, because it makes women happy and makes them feel empowered, but really, they secretly know everyone uses the blue gowns in the end.

I don't know, just bring everything, after all it's not like you'll be carrying anything except the baby, right?

Anonymous said...

You don't really plan on being in labour long enough to reno the room, do you? If not, then I think you can leave your sledgehammer at home.

kiLikiNa said...

Can you actually bring all that to the labour room? I didn't know that. But, I've just found the perfect hospital to deliver. But then again, the hospital is too far for you... Malaysia! Oops! But, I hope that your labour period will be pleasant for you.