Sunday, November 04, 2007

You're still reading me?

I feel like I have so little to say right now. Everything is fine, thank God. Lumpy is moving around like crazy. We're working on the house, trying valiantly to finish the fireplace and the bar so that we can put that room in order.

Over at one of the foster parenting blogs I read, there's some sad news. If you have a minute, please go over and offer Fosterabba and Fostereema some support.

I'm starting to realize that we should maybe get some basic things ready for Lumpy's arrival... but anytime I go to a store or look at baby stuff online, I feel so overwhelmed. Do I need all of that stuff? Does anybody? I think Lumpy will just sleep in the laundry basket until he outgrows it.


ms. c said...

laundry basket sounds good to me! just have some diapers on hand, will ya??!!

Elizabeth said...

I read an article somewhere comparing what people with different income levels spend on baby. The more money you have, the more you spend. I think "need" is a whole different category.

butterflyanla said...

NOT the laundry basket!!ha ha :) I think people buy way to much stuff. Are you still thinking about doing a home birth?

Anonymous said...

what about a drawer?!?!!?
my friend took the 'very little' approach and waited to see what kind of kiddo she had...then she got a few things that made sense...(jolly jumper and what have you)...i thought that was pretty cool...
more importantly, d-baby, you are here! you are really here!!!! i am thrilled as can be for you and mr december!

passingwindows said...

The lists of things "You Need for Baby" just freak me out. I am also keen on the laundry basket idea, seems fine to me. Someone said that for the first 3 months you don't really need a bed for the baby in any case as they sleep wherever you are - couch, armchair, bed.