Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm better than fine

I'm on vacation.

Mr. December had to go to Ottawa for business. Seeing as the hotel and his travel were already paid for, I decided to go along with him and take the opportunity to rest, incommunicado. I had no idea what kind of hotel we were checking into.

The lobby has free wi-fi. The hotel has a spa which offers, among many other things, prenatal massage by a registered massage therapist. There's a starbucks and a lovely bright area on the main floor. One of Mr. D.'s co-workers has family connections here, so we're being upgraded to a "balcony suite". Granted, it's snowing and cold here so the balcony isn't much of a draw. I'm just hoping for a huge, clean bathtub I can soak in.

Right now I'm in the lobby, next to a roaring fire, with a chai latte next to me and my trusty macbook. The colour scheme is delightfully in tune with what I love right now - aqua, turquoise, and various neutral shades. I can feel my whole body keying up and winding down at the same time. Is this what a vacation is? We must do it more often!

Oh, and we took the train - quite a civilized way to travel, if you ask me. VIA rail has wi-fi in all of the train cars and every row of seats has an electrical outlet so you can plug in your laptop.


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Gil said...

Now see!? Had you TOLD me you were going to be in Ottawa, I'd have made a point of coming to see you!

I hope your time in this wintry city was lovely and that you are refreshed and ready to take on whatever awaits!

Sending hugs!