Friday, November 30, 2007

This guy deserves every penny

There's a tree surgeon in my yard. He's taking down the tree that's creeping under our foundation and threatening our pipes and our roof.

First off, it looks like fun... he gets to climb trees for a living, and then he gets to pull out his chainsaw and take them down. It looks like even more fun than demolition... and it happens out in the fresh air!

Of course, all of his ropes and harnesses are a reminder that it's actually a dangerous job. His chainsaw is strapped to his waist and dangles when he climbs. He has to find a place to anchor his harness - and it's not like my roof is equipped for wall-climbers.

This guy really earns his money.

1 comment:

Aurelia said...

Oooooo, yes, we have to get one of those.

And I have to see all these house improvements.