Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the worm has turned (34 week update)

Okay, not the worm. The baby. Lumpy is now head-down. My doctor says that babies who are head down at this point usually stay that way. Hooray!!! I do plan to keep playing music in my pants, though, because it's so cool the way Lumpy moves and grooves to it.

Vital stats:
Ute measurement - 35 cm (only one week ahead)
Lumpy's heartbeat - 150 bpm
My weight gain - steady at 1 pound per week - 24 pounds so far

So it's all good. Really good.

I hired a doula last night. She rocks - when she left our house, I wanted to hug her. I'm really looking forward to the birth now... as long as I can get my music mixes finished by then!


ms. c said...

I'm so glad Lumpy's all turned. It's so exciting. I can't believe how close you're getting.
I also hired a doula, and am so thrilled about it. it's just that feeling of calm that she provides. I figure if she can bring just one iota of that to the birth then she's worth every penny!!

Caro said...

Great that lumpy has turned. My husband thinks the music in the pants is hilarious, but hey, whatever works!

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that music in your pants would make a baby move. Cool.

Aurelia said...

I am definitely keeping this idea right up front, if I ever have a problem and want the baby to turn.

I know you can't prove it, but ohhhh, this sounds so likely to have worked!