Wednesday, December 19, 2007

37 Weeks

Lumpy is head down, but nowhere near engaged.

I've gained a crazy amount of weight this week, but my doctor is unconcerned - she thinks it's bloat from eating salty foods.

My blood pressure is fine.

Lumpy's hearbeat is the same as always.

Everything's ok. Now... we wait.


Chris said...

Glad Lumpy is doing well! Waiting (on the other hand) leaves a lot to be desired. I don't know about you but if one more well meaning person informs me that the next few weeks are going to "fly by" I might choke them :-)

Aurelia said...

Well, if he was engaged, I'd be shocked. That may take a while honey.

Drink lots of really don't want to get too bloated, just for the sake of your own comfort.

Anonymous said...

Hellooooo?!?!?!? Lumpy?!?!?! There are people out here who are anxious to meet you!!!! (especially your abba and ima!!)

shelbel said...

woohoo!! It is literally anyday now! I am so excited for you! Two of mine came at 37w (37w3d and 37w1d--we all know about the last one...). Anyway, it is any minute now. Any minute you will finally meet Lumpy.

I am so excited for you!!!!

Jennifer said...

OH Sara, I am so freaking excited for you.

Can't wait for Lumpy to get here for you!!!!!!!