Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holy emotional hormones, Batman!

Today Mr. December and I are tackling a variety of tasks around the house, in hopes of finally finishing all those small projects we started. So far every single project has resulted in an argument, the climax of which involves me whining, "but I don't like it there. I want it over THERE." This argument has applied to ideas as stupid as moving a shelving unit in Lumpy's room to effectively block the closet door... because doing so would give us a nice, symmetrical furniture arrangement around the window. Can we say irrational?

Just spitballing here, but I think that nesting goes a lot more smoothly when the logical significant other is not home. They're usually too lazy to undo anything the crazy pregnant lady has done.


Aurelia said...

Ahhh, yes, isn't pregnancy insanity fun!!!

Susan said...

Nesting is great. I organized and cleaned my entire house. I was like a bolt of lightning around the house. That's funny about the moving of the furniture.

Anonymous said...

sounds almost as fun as progesterone insanity!
hang in there girl...soon you'll be too blissed and exhausted to be insane!!!

ms. c said...

I'm laughing so hard...
(perhaps because I understand ALL too well.)
And glad to see that Lumpy is still hanging in there!