Monday, December 24, 2007

Know what pisses me off?

Went to Pottery Barn Kids on Saturday to look at the cribs and change tables. Lo and behold, I found one of each that I liked.

What's the catch, you ask?

The crib was $729 at the store. Online (the American site) the price is $499. The change table, which I'd have to buy at the store for around $500, is only $250 in the States.

For those of you who don't get my outrage, the Canadian dollar is pretty close to par with the American dollar right now. In fact, there were huge signs at PBK advertising that they had reduced the prices on their items to reflect the strong loonie (what we call our dollar). And yet... there's still a discrepancy of over $200 on these big-ticket items. What a crock!

If it wasn't the dead of winter, if I wasn't due in 16 days, I'd be hopping in my mom's van and driving to Buffalo to buy this stuff. Maybe I will anyway. First, though, I'm gonna talk to a manager at PBK here and ask what kind of a sucker they think the average Canadian is.



Aurelia said...

Feel free to talk to the manager, heck, yell at head office!

Reality is that yes, our prices are slightly artificially higher here, but remember as well that US prices are really artificially lower. It's their dollar that has sunk, and so wholesalers & retailers there are now subsidizing US customers paying lower US prices.

Why? Because most US consumers can't afford to suddenly pay 20-30% more for goods this quickly. But industry can't just give away this stuff for very long either. So slowly but surely US prices will have to go up, and inflation will kill the US economy.

Aren't I just a barrel of fun?

Anyway, I agree don't go yourself to buy anything in the US. Suddenly going into labour over there would way too expensive. Can you send your Mom or some friends or someone?
the other issue is taxes and duty. You won't be able to smuggle this stuff under a coat, so call customs and ask what the fees will be.

Anonymous said...

I drive a small SUV and am off all week. . .

Anonymous said...

that is just insane and makes me crazy too...go get 'em!!!