Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's getting there... (reno update)

My house is slowly shaping up. The furnace room has walls now... very exciting. The plumber was here yesterday and roughed in the pipes for the downstairs bathroom. Lumpy's room received a fine sanding and an extra coat of paint to hide the crappy job that Mr. December and I did. My office floor is clear (a major feat, if you've ever seen my office) and I plan to work on the desk and credenza in a few minutes. Then I'll hang some pictures, rearrange the furniture (don't worry, it's all on wheels), and maybe add some lucky bamboo or something else that makes it peaceful and zen-like. Oh, and I think I'll mount a wall sconce (from our old bedroom) for some mood lighting. That should do the trick. I'll post pics when it's done.

I promise, before-and-after pictures will be displayed... just as soon as we're acutally finished. Everything is waiting for a few finishing touches. I hope we'll have time to finish before Lumpy appears.

Oh, and I've been memed... by a reader I didn't know I had! I appreciate the surprise readership and I will do the meme... probably tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday, folks!


Anonymous said...

your energy amazes me!!
i can't wait to see the pictures...but more importantly, can't wait to see lumpy!!!

Aurelia said...

You are going to have to post some pics, I really can't believe you cleaned up that floor!