Saturday, December 29, 2007

Still pregnant: Day 255

Thanks for your concern and well-wishes. I feel a bit better, although I was unable to keep down most of my breakfast and lunch today. It felt more like morning-sickness puking than stomach-flu puking... and I felt fine again afterward.

Right now I'm dealing with an intermittent low backache and a lot of low pelvic pressure. After consulting with my doula we decided that I'm probably not in labour... but damn, it hurts. I'm going to get in a warm tub with some good music and a bottle of soap bubbles and see if all my carefully planned pain reduction techniques actually work.

Don't get all excited, folks. I'll make sure to post and tell you when it's time to get excited.


shelbel said...

Nope...but it sure sounds like the beginning!!!

I hope you have that baby in the next day or so...then you'd really have a *decemberbaby*!!!

But a January baby works well, too!

I'm so excited for you!! I'm stalking your blog looking for updates, so make you you post EVERYTHING that is going on!!!


Aurelia said...

I doubt it's labour, but it sure sounds like the start of something good.

Let us know!!

Anonymous said...

Fine, I will keep waiting not so patiently.

Elizabeth said...

I will be like shelbel and check here regularly for updates. Your job is too keep your audience in mind no matter what you are going through, so avoid cliffhangers. Okay? ;)

Elizabeth said...
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Susan said...

It does sound like Lumpy is making her/his way out. A warm and bubbly bath sounds so nice. I look forward to hearing the good news.

Aurelia said...

Hey you need to update this just a little!

You there? In labour?