Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why am I...

... red in the face, huffing and puffing?
It started very innocently. My soon-to-be sister-in-law came over to help me with general nesting stuff. First we moved the white storage bench from Lumpy's room to my room, as a new laundry hamper. Beautiful. Then we emptied the bench in the front hallway (actually a children's chest of drawers) and moved it to Lumpy's room, under the window (note to self: don't forget to buy foam and fabric and make a cushion for said bench to become window seat). Then we looked at the front hall and I said, "gee, it seems so much bigger and nicer now. Let's finish off this hallway today!" We decided that the trunk which was serving as our coffee table would look much better in the hall as seating and storage. So we moved it. Then I moved the umbrella stand to the other corner. Turning around, we realized that there were lots of displaced shoes and nowhere to house them. I remembered a back-of-door shoe organizer we used to have, and off we went to find it. It was determined that we'd need some heavy duty hooks to screw into the door so that we could hang the organizer and put away the shoes.

Are you tired yet? I wasn't.

So then we went to the hardware store and to Linens and Stuff to find hooks and maybe a nice decorative ledge shelf for the front hall. Came back, installed both. By this point SIL had called it quits and gone home. I put the shoes away, threw out lots of garbage, swept the hallway floor, found some non-slip backing and put it down under the rug.

Then I turned around and looked at the living room. Total pigsty, partly from all the packaging that came with our stroller, carseat, and new storage bench. I attacked the boxes (collapsed and folded them and put them all inside the two biggest ones), then the garbage, then put away anything that didn't belong on the floor in our bay window (i.e. pretty much everything). Putting stuff away necessitated a lot of trips up and down the stairs... so when I finally came up for the last time, I was huffing, puffing and flushed. And here I am.

Makes sense. So why am I not wearing a shirt?
Well, I was so flushed and hot that I was afraid of overheating, which I've heard is bad for little fetuses. So I took off my shirt, and here I am.

Okay. But why am I sitting on the floor when there's a comfy couch right behind me?
Um, because we don't have any blinds or curtains on our living room window, it's dark inside, and folks can see right in. And I'm topless. So here I am.

Is there a point to this story?
I like stories.

Thanks, Homer. But seriously, is there a lesson to all of this?
Yes. If you feel the nesting instinct coming on, for God's sake, lie down until it goes away. Or try to drown it in chocolate. Otherwise you'll end up half naked, on the floor, sweaty and red, and not from anything good like sex.


Laura37 said...

LMAO Sara!! Glad you got so much done! Hopefully you wont have any "Peeping Toms"

Anonymous said...

Damn, I got excited for a second. I thought that maybe you were in labour. Oh well, maybe next time you are half naked, sweaty on the floor you will be posting to say you are about to give birth.

Aurelia said...

I'm sooo laughing here. Oh honey, you're about to be a lot more topless, you know while breastfeeding? Next task----curtains/blinds... ;)