Thursday, December 20, 2007

My head is spinning... advice needed?

Today I went out to buy a change table. We knew what we wanted... one of those changing tables that has an integrated baby bath and is on wheels. But when I got to the store and looked at them, they seemed... flimsy. So I walked away and started looking at cribs instead.

Cribs. Where do I begin? I can't decide whether we'd be better off with a drop-side crib or something with solid sides. We're not really concerned about the crib being convertible, because we do plan to have more children and so the crib will get used as a crib for more than a year or two. Also, there's not room for a double bed (which is what you convert the crib to) in Lumpy's room. Not if we want the room to accommodate more kids.

So I don't know. Drop side? And what style goes with the IKEA crappy storage units we already have in there?

AAAARRRRGGGHHH. Crib shopping made me cranky. I think when Lumpy outgrows the sock drawer we'll just find a bigger drawer.

Anyhow, input on cribs would be appreciated. Specific mention of features, manufacturers etc would really help at this point.


Susan said...

The crib I bought they don't make anymore. It was an Aspen sleigh crib with solid ends. It did make it hard to put in a bumper because you couldn't tie it at the ends of the crib. I really enjoyed the drop down side. Very convenient to put the baby down and pick the baby up. For the changing table we went with a dresser that you put the changing pad on. Also very nice and then when we didn't need the changing table anymore we took off the pad and viola! a regular dresser it became. I looked at the non-dresser changing tables and I thought they were flimsy too. Any other advice I'm here. I can't believe that you are at the end!!

Aurelia said...

One handed drop side, do not, do not, do NOT buy a crib that requires 2 hands to lower the side. and don't get a solid sided one. You aren't a mama gorilla, none of us has the reach to gently lower a sleeping baby that far over the side without waking it up. You will really really be happy if you get one that lowers easily and quietly at least on one side.

The change table alone is a bit overrated. I personally like the kind that is a tray look, and just stretches over the sides of cribs. No one ever uses them past 4 months of age anyway. Kid starts to roll and you are on the floor, kneeling.

I actually had multiple baskets with change items and a pad in every room of the house, so I didn't have to cart the baby up and down the stairs when I was tired or busy.

And the bath should be tiny, and light since again, after a month or so, you'll be sitting it inside the real bathtub to prevent overflow and splashes from wrecking your floors.

You don't need to convert it, but if you like one that comes that way, why not get it? You never know, you just might decide it could be a nice option someday.

We should go shopping together. I went to Pottery Barn today, and swooooned. Sigh...

ms. c said...

Sounds like you've got some good advice here from people who know what they are talking about. I for one DON'T know what I'm talking about, cuz I have yet to use the products I have fallen in love with. But I can tell you what I've decided on....
We are definately going with a dresser that has a changing pad on top- so that we will always have the dresser. The dresser matches the crib, and we chose both becasue we love the style (not that the baby will care, but it's important to me!) The crib doesn't have sides taht go down, but does have 4 matress settings. (I am a trifle concerned about this now that I have read what Aurelia wrote about us not being gorillas... but I still think that style will prevail.) The crib either comes with in a style that is convertible to a bed (I'm with you- I want to have at least one more child so this aspect is less important to me), or as one with a bookeshelf affixed at one end (good for our small room with little storage space.)
One last thing about the siding sides... It seems that I am not that coordinated and so I can't get themto get them to work (I'm talking the one handed one that you have to also push with your hip.) (I am also a spaz at folding the strollers we try...) I HAVE had a couple of friends tell me that they don't even bother putting down the sides of the crib when putting the baby in or picking them up.
Good luck! I would totally come and shop with you if I were there!

akeeyu said...

IKEA makes a lovely changing table--well, maybe not 'lovely,' but it's $35 and incredibly sturdy. I believe it is called the SNIGLAR.

We're just going to strap a changing pad onto a piece of furniture we already have, but I wanted to have a changing table downstairs, too, because I realized that the only flat surfaces we have available for changing a baby downstairs are the sofa (too much bending over) and the dining room table (OMG, EW!).

Also, when you go crib shopping, check the screws. Apparently some (many/most?) baby stores loosen the screws on the cheaper cribs so that you'll perceive them as flimsy and move up to the cribs that cost a couple hundred bucks more. Jerks.

jennyquarx said...

We have a Pottery Barn crib, I am not sure what the model is, but it is awesome. Sturdy and wonderful. It has a drop side but I never use it. I do have a child that won't wake up if you lower him into the crib. He would, however wake up if I lowered the side. It's harder than it looks (to me anyway).

We have a cheapy changing table and I still use it. It's alot sturdier than it looks. Although now that Deacon can climb it, it will be going away after Christmas. If I had to do it again, I would go the dresser/changing table route. Now I just have to buy another dresser. My back is not a big fan of bending over and changing him on the floor so I will miss that table. Having the bath feature will only be convenient for a couple of months so you can live without that if you need to.

It won't be long now, I am so excited for you!!


Caro said...

No advice but I'm pretty sure our crib will be from Ikea along with most of the other stuff in Stumpy's room (and our house).