Friday, June 01, 2007

Google has failed me.

Yesterday was the first day that I didn't feel nauseated. At all. So of course I started worrying. And what do we do when we worry? Google.

But all of my queries abot when the placenta kicks in were in vain... so I'm still in the dark. Is my body ramping up its own hormone production? What's the scoop? Why do I feel better?

In other fun news, both midwifery practices I called are unable to fit me into their caseload. Ugh. I'd really rather have a midwife than an OB... guess I'll have to start calling doctors' offices now. Boo.


Since I'm feeling good, I have a productive day ahead of me. Our apartment is messy AND smelly and I'm going to clean it up. And I'm baking challah for the first time in months.

Have a great Friday, everyone.


Aurelia said...

You feel better because life is good and your diclectin has finally kicked in.

I'm not sure when your placenta takes over, but it should be working a bit by now, maybe that baby aspirin is working?

Celebrate, for tommorrow you maybe be face down! A toast to Sara!

twirl said...

Three reasons for feeling better:

1. you may be getting used to the extra hormones so your body doesn't feel so out of balance.

2. you could just be having a "good" day and the nausea will come back.

3. you may be seeing the relief from nausea and it will become more intermittent and/or go away altogether as you get closer to the 2nd tri.

As far as the placenta goes, I've seen anywhere from 8-12 weeks. I suspect "they" don't exactly know , and/or it varies.

Good luck finding a mw/ob that you're comfy with.