Monday, June 04, 2007

Things I've learned (renovation update)

I've learned that if you have an old house, none of the walls will be straight. The kitchen cabinet guys will tell you during the planning phase that they can deal with it, but when installation time comes they will bitch and moan about the necessary modifications.

When planning where to put electrical service, RTFM - read the fucking manual of each appliance. That way you might discover *before* the electrician's visit that the microwave has its plug on the top.

There is an alternative to TSP that doesn't need any rinsing.

If you're using a stain/odour blocking primer, you need to paint over it within 24 hours. Otherwise you'll get crap results.

It pays to call a store ahead of time to inquire about the availability of stuff you need. Unless you like running to four different Home Dep.ot stores to find the perfect cabinet hardware. In traffic. During construction season.

Sometimes procrastination is beneficial - you may discover that a faucet you meant to pick up a month ago is now deeply discounted. Of course, the only one left is at a faraway store. Which you'll run to immediately, gas prices be damned.

You will one day wake up and realize that all the reno experts who said "don't move too much plumbing, it'll cost an arm and a leg" weren't just talking out their asses. You will grudgingly give up your spectacular bathroom plan for one that keeps the toilet and the tub right where they are now.

When you find a trustworthy contractor with a good work ethic, be exceptionally nice. You never know when you'll have to ask them to come in late at night, right after their family vacation, to fix something you should have planned properly the first time. And don't forget to call and say "thank you" when it's done.

Try not to undertake major renovations when pregnant. The process goes a lot more smoothly for you if you lubricate yourself with booze (I assume).


Aurelia said...

Booze may not help.

I think...where was my beer? Oh yeah, under my toolbox!

Note to self:(new kind of easier TSP, I learned something today!)

ms. c said...

HAHA! Under some situations you may need harder things than booze.

We renovated our old house, discovered instantly that the walls weren't straight, and that the carpenter's new walls were even less straight! (My contractor's reply when I said "hey, that wall's not straight!": You won't notice it after it's painted. Needless to say I made sure that the wall was redone!)

After a 5 month reno we have been living in our house for 2+ years, and I tell my husband every day how much I love it. It's all worth it in th end.

Anonymous said...

I could drink for you. :)

Anonymous said...

easier tsp?! inquiring minds want to know....
btw, i have been popping in and keeping tabs...think of you often, my dear...