Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's time for a game...

Thanks to Shlomit for inspiring me to do this.

For those who want to play... google "[your name] needs" (make sure it's in quotation marks, and actually put your name in there). Then list the top ten hits on your blog... not the url's, just the sentence that says "[your name] needs...". I tried with "Decemberbaby" and came up totally empty handed... so I had to go with my real name instead. Enjoy!

1. Sara needs a loving, playful home. (why yes, I do. And I'm so lucky to have it already)

2. Sara needs to discover the experts in the area. (which area?)

3. Sara needs you. (again, technically accurate. Actually, I need you to leave me comments so that I feel loved!)

4. Sara needs Sara time.

5. Sara needs support in learning to make safe choices that more effectively reflect her goals and desired outcomes, including planning for special holidays...

6. Sara needs a lawyer?

7. Sara needs a kind soul to sponsor her.

8. Sara needs our help.

9. Sara needs a caesarean section. (um, I don't think so!)

10. Sara needs to go, she needed to go weeks ago.

There you have it. Apparently I need all kinds of things I had no idea I needed.

Stay tuned this week... I'm brewing an interesting religion/spirituality post, and another post about how Mr. D and I have different feelings about "coming out" as infertiles.


Chris said...

I hope you find all of the things you didn't know you needed!

Caro said...

I love these.

Aurelia said...

This is seriously funny. I've tried under my blog name and my real name and I've come up with some hilarious stuff. Definitely a good meme!

Sara said...

Ooh, ours are mostly the same, but a few are different. Apparently there's a sad doggie out there without a home....

Barb said...

I LOVE this game!! I did it too. Here's my list:
Barb needs only to hear your voice to connect to you

Barb needs to decide if she will resume Dave’s position at the next board meeting.

Barb needs coffee

Barb needs to be fed a variety of foods including vegetables as well as meaty foods

Barb needs a flunky

Barb needs to go

Barb needs a record contract

Barb needs a New Home

Barb needs to write

Barb needs kids

Ok, the last one is KINDA SCARY!!!

Erin said...

This is very cool.. I just did it and the very first one is:

Erin needs another miracle!
(Amen to that)

A few other funny ones...

Erin needs hat most white girls crave...

Erin needs to be naked too....

LOL, Thanks Sara...That was fun...