Tuesday, June 12, 2007

why husbands should be illiterate, and other stories

Mr. December sat down to read "What to expect when you're expecting". Then he started asking me about my diet... how much fruit do I eat, how about veggies, how nutritious is my diet really, and how much weight have I gained? He was really nice about it, but I just kind of wish he hadn't read that book's recommendations... especially since it says you should gain 3 or 4 pounds total in the first tri, and I've already gained 5. I shudder to think what I might have gained if I hadn't been so nauseated through weeks 5, 6, 7, and 8. Anyhow, I'm hoping he'll go back to his games and puzzles and forget about all the "shoulds" he just learned from that damned book.

I was productive today! I sold some stuff on craigslist and got some info we were missing. I gave notice on our apartment AND had time to watch Sex and the City... my favourite show for mindless entertainment.

I will be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I'm having a hard time resisting the temptation to start telling people, especially since the people who know me already think I'm showing. Ugh. Maybe I should just hide in my apartment for the next two weeks.


FosterAbba said...

Yes, of course men should be illiterate. And they should be deaf, blind, and mute. For that matter, maybe they would be more useful if kept in a sound-proof cage where they only time they are let out is when you have a list of "honey-dos" or it's time for them to go to work!


I won't congratulate you (yet) on your important news, but I am thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

10 weeks already! Congrats, Sara!

When do you move into the new house?

Aurelia said...

Oh lord, throw that #$%#$% book away. In fact, I'm thinking about having a giant bonfire where I burn all my old IF paraphenalia. We can burn that thing as well if you want.

Get him something else to read, like the Consumer Reports issue on what to buy. I hear stroller and babyseat shopping takes months and men treat it like car shopping. Should keep him distracted for awhile!

Caro said...

I second throw that book away or at least hide it from him.