Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here I am...

Although I have either two days or two weeks left, depending on who you listen to, I have reason to believe that I've got one foot in the second trimester right now.

Exhibit A: Despite some lingering nausea, I'm hungry now. I haven't been hungry since April. And I actually feel like eating.

Exhibit B: I haven't had a weekday afternoon nap in a week, and I'm doing okay.

Exhibit C: I'm feeling well enough to do manual labour around the new house.

What am I to make of it, if it's not the second tri moving in?

The nuchal scan is on Thursday. By Friday, everyone will know that I'm pregnant... which isn't surprising considering that I'm now fully into maternity clothes and have stopped sucking in my tummy. Oh, joy. I sense more posts about stupid bystander comments. Stay tuned.


Caro said...

Yay! Congrats. I'm looking forward to hearing about the "helpful" comments and your replies.

Not that crazy... said...

I totally remember the second trimester. It's cake and you're gonna love it.

Chris said...

Our scan is on Weds - cheers to both of us! 2nd trimester, woot!

Aurelia said...

Second trimester is really much nicer than the first. More relaxing as well. Especially after the scan. Get some pictures, and if his hands won't be shaking, tell Mr.December to take video of the screen.

Because of the way they have to move you around, you won't be able to see much, but he'll be able to watch the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Here is to the second trimester and a great nuchal scan on Thursday!

Sassy said...

OOOOOO, i can't wait for the "helpful" comments. I'm sure you have some juicy ones!

For privacy reasons, I will no longer be using My Rotten Eggs. I have started a new blog www.sassysgottablog.blogspot.com and will be moving my content over immediately.

Hope to see you there,